This will be interesting. On 28 July fifty velomobiles will start from Portland, Oregon on their way to Washington D.C. This will be the largest, longest trek of velomobiles anywhere, ever.

Read more about Roll Over America:

Here at Wiley X we are the proud sponsor of Hasse Højland, and wish him all the best on his trip from coast to coast by velomobile. When Hasse contacted Wiley X to be one of his main-sponsors, we had no doubt.

This is new - This is the first time - It is sport - It is healthy - It is innovation - It is fantastic - And it is something for everybody actually.

It will be a huge media event in the US and Hasse will try to make it so in Denmark. For the rest of Europe he is sure it will be visible as well.

Hasses arguments for Wiley X to enter a sponsorship with him:

The Velonaut community to me has the eyewear need as race-bikers and motorcycle people (we can roll pretty fast because of good aerodynamics) therefore the functional safety eyewear from Wiley X is perfect and I think ROAM is a good window for showing that.
I am a sportsman (in my heart) and I believe my attitude and mindset could promote the Wiley X values and spirit.

We could not agree more – and look forward to see the rolling eye catching billboard in action.

You will find a presentation of Hasse and his motivation for participating in ROAM under Community:

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