”If you are going through hell – keep walking!” is a famous quote by Winston Churchill and these days it is often on Hasse Højland’s mind. The Roll Over America is no picnic, especially if you have not done the necessary preparations. So far about 30% of the riders have gotten help from the support cars, but not Hasse Højland, he soldiers on getting up at 5 am and ready to race at 6 am.

Last Friday one of the riders, age 63, crashed on the highway. During the crash his velomobile rolled over, but he is now back in the saddle like a true fighter.

The riders reached Montana on the 3rd of August, and yesterday Hasse Højland drove through the MacDonald Pass reaching speeds at 90 km/h in the rain. A good thing he is wearing his protective eyewear from Wiley X. One of the riders who were lucky to have dry conditions during the descent reached 116 km/h – Roll Over America is not a race for sissies.

19 days and 3700 kilometers to go before the finish in Washington D.C.

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