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Bassmaster Classic champ reveals his secret weapon

2016 Bassmaster Classic champion Edwin Evers reveals why he loves Wiley X eyewear and how they helped him win fishing's biggest tournament.

Wiley X Sunglasses Survival Series: 900 g. Fishing Weight

What happens when a 900 g. fishing weight falls on a pair of Wiley X sunglasses with shatterproof lenses and frames?

Wiley X Eyewear Hammer Survival Test

Can a pair of Wiley X sunglasses survive multiple blows from a hammer? You decide.

Wiley X Survival test - Saber Advanced vs. Machete

A pair of Wiley X Saber Advanced sunglasses are subject to a slashing machete and come away intact. See for yourself.

Wiley X Survival test - Shotgun

Can Wiley X eyewear stand up to a blast from a 20-gauge shotgun? See for yourself.

Wiley X Survival test - Firecracker

What happens when we try to blow up a pair of WX Tide glasses with a huge roll of firecrackers? See for yourself.

Wiley X Survival test - Vapor vs. nail gun

Can our shatterproof lenses survive a nail gun hit?

Wiley X - Pristine waters Iceland

Follow Wiley X pro angler Olivier Portrat at the pristine waters near Iceland fishing for big cod.

Wiley X Survival test - Dropped from 60 meters

What happens if you drop your Wiley X eyewear from 60 meters? Find out below.

Wiley X - The new Blaser F16

Experience the F16 and Wiley X Eyewear on the shooting grounds at Dornsberg (Southern Germany). Stunning slow motion video brings the action to life.

Wiley X Survival test - Bronco vs. Romer 3

Wiley X Romer 3 sunglasses survive being run over by a Ford Bronco with barely a scratch.
First in a series of original video content that demonstrates the extreme protectiveness and durability of Wiley X eyewear.

Wiley X - Polarized Protection

Wiley X eyewear shows how its patented removable Facial Cavity™ Seals block out peripheral light, allowing anglers to see the water - and fish - better. When peripheral light is eliminated, polarized lenses work at optimum levels. Pro bass anglers such as Edwin Evers swear by them.

Wiley X - Facial Cavity™ Seal Protection

Wiley X demonstrates how its sunglasses block out wind, dust, debris and peripheral light with patented removable soft foam gaskets. Eyes get a greater level of protection than with ordinary eyewear.

Wiley X - Ballistic Protection

Wiley X sunglasses are near shatterproof and highly protective as seen in this commercial airing on hunting shows. These sunglasses stand up to rigorous ANSI Z87.1 and Ballistic testing and help protect against eye injuries for the military, hunters, fisherman and outdoor enthusiasts.


A pair of Wiley X Saber Advanced sunglasses get blasted by a shotgun from a distance of 20 yards.
Thanks to Midwest Outdoors for the great demo.

Wiley X Eyewear Calls Out Joey Logano and Harley-Davidson®

Wiley X President Myles Freeman Jr. takes the #icebucketchallenge and nominates Joey Logano, Matt Thompson of Harley-Davidson Motor Company and Jan Mikkelsen of Wiley X Europe.

Tips from Big Water Adventures TV host Mark Davis

Pro angler and TV host Mark Davis talks about sun protection on the water.

Smashing Wiley X sunglasses - Fishing Britain Gear Guide

You don't get rougher and tougher in the world of sunglasses than Wiley X, so it was sporting of them to offer up a pair for a destruction test. These shades are used for extreme sports, on building sites, by the US military and by the more stylish anglers. If you want good quality polarised lenses with a reputation for durability and reliability... well, you are probably not going to end up shooting them like we did.

Thanks to Fishing Britan  for the great video.

Wiley X on Reel Time Florida Sportsman

Some WX love from Reel Time FloridaSportsman

Wiley X Extreme Fishing Adventures

Capt. Jimmy Nelson of Extreme Fishing Adventures talks up WX.

Wiley X in the Baja 1000

Baja 1000 Champion Bud Brutsman rips it up in his Wiley X shades.

Wiley X Eyewear Hunting Commercial

Wiley X touts the ballistic protection of its eyewear in this commercial airing in huntings shows. Airs on Dropped Project: Alaska 2.0 on the Sportsman Chanel and on NASCAR Outdoors on the Outdoor Channel.

Wiley X Eyewear Fishing Commercial

Wiley X's proprietary removable gaskets and ANSI rated shatterproof lenses and frames are featured in this commercial airing nationwide in 2014.

Wiley X Eyewear Subjected to ANSI Testing


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About Wiley X

For more than two decades Wiley X has been a proud family and U.S veteran-owned company. As a global leader on the forefront of optical technology, Wiley X exists because it recognizes that today’s lifestyles pose constant threats to eye health. Wiley X products are put through rigorous testing in order to be EN.166 and ANSI Z87.1-2003 rated. Wiley X is the only premium performance sunglass manufacturer, whose entire line is ANSI safety rated. The tactical oriented assortment from Wiley X also has the military’s stringent ballistic impact certification.

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