Mequinenza, Spain

I think it is important to adapt to all situations and the different fish, so I do not have a favorite



In 2019 I moved to “paradise on earth” to start my own business, and I have absolutely no regrets. Fishing has always been a big part of my life. It was only me and my parents, so I went fishing a lot with my dad, and I loved every moment of it. He showed me the beauty of the fishing life, and the amazing experiences you get when you become one with nature.

I can’t explain why I love fishing so much. It is combination of everything – it is like an addiction to me – so I am very happy that my passion became my job. But it hasn’t always been. After finishing school, I studied mechanics and electrics, and afterwards I went to work in a garage repairing cars, but at 19 I got a job as a guide for anglers. I worked there for 2,5 years but I went back to the garage to repair cars with my dad. But! It wasn’t my passion, so in 2019 I moved to Mequinenza and started my own business, Erik Torres Fishing, and went full-time as an angler guide.

Mequinenza is one of the best places to fish in Europe, because you find some enormously unique fish, the top fish being sander, carpe, catfish, black par, and perch. I love my job, helping people on how and where to fish, and when I see the happiness on their faces, when they catch their dream fish – well, nothing is better than that. To me, fishing is an experience and not only about the catch, so we never keep the fish. A fishing trip can be amazing even without a catch. It is all about the wonder, the unknown happening under the surface. It is about becoming one with nature and enjoying the moment – it is a magical experience like no other. I dream to do this forever; To give the magical experience to everyone and make even more trips for clients in Europe and Florida, where I go every year to catch fish and sharks – I love catching sharks.

Why Wiley X?

10-13 years ago, I participated in the World Championship of Catfishing. At the competition, an angler buddy of mine told me to try on a pair of Wiley X sunglasses, and I was amazed. I used them all the time when fishing. I posted pictures on Instagram and eventually made a deal to join the team of WX ambassadors. I can’t imagine fishing without them. They are an essential part of my job, as I can see every aspect of fishing. I can see what happens below the water surface and I love the superior protection. I know that not only are my eyes protected against the sun, but the high quality also protects my sight against any stray hook or rod – it is so cool!

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