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Counterfeits / Fraud

We would like to warn you against counterfeiting / fraud on the web. Wiley X has a zero tolerance policy in terms of counterfeiting and fraud. We are familiar with the current incidence of counterfeiting and fraud attempts, and our legal department is working to eliminate these as quickly as possible.

Wiley X is a Premium Brand and if you are being offered a new Wiley X product at unnaturally low prices, we ask you to be critical of the sincerity and quality of the product. Remember to be extra careful when buying a "cheap item" in general. Often the offer is too good to be true and you should also be aware that your bank account is not being abused.

Please let us know by e-mail if you come by these tendencies. When you send us an email, please attach an image of the copy product you purchased, as well as the physical address / URL of the store.

Thank you.

About Wiley X

Since its establishment in 1987 Wiley X has been a global leader in the protective eyewear market supplying military forces and law enforcement personnel with top of the line ballistic eyewear. Realizing the need to protect your eyes also during leisure and sports, Wiley X is the only premium eyewear brand who tests its entire sunglass collection to both ANSI Z87.1 & EN.166 safety and optical standards.

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