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Cross Eye Domination

When shouldering the gun to your right shoulder and aiming with your left eye being your master eye, this is cross eye domination. It is the same story if you shoulder the gun to your left shoulder and aim using your right eye as your master eye. When doing so the line of the gun and the line of the sight are not in line (see the illustration), and as you are not looking straight down the barrel you will often miss your target. This problem has often been solved either by closing the dominant eye, using a piece of cardboard covering the dominant eye, or even using a pair of glasses blinding the dominant eye with tape or a marker.

These solutions have serious disadvantages:
  • You will not be able to evaluate distances with only one eye
  • No eye protection
  • 100% distance evaluation
  • Not 100 % field of view

Cross eye domination can in most cases be “cured” by using Wiley X protective eyewear. Wiley X Ballistic, ANSI rated and EN.166 certified lenses provide a true spatial relationship of objects in the field of view. By mounting a smoke grey colored lens in front of the dominant eye and a light rust colored lens (contrast enhancement color) in front of the other eye, the domination will in most cases change to the other eye and thereby solve the cross eye problem.

This provides the following advantages:
  • No cross eye domination problem
  • 100% eye protection
  • 100% distance evaluation
  • 100% field of view
  • RX ready (prescription)

The human brain can’t adopt the two different colors and therefore the two colors (smoke grey and light rust) will become one.

White line indicating line of gun. Red line indicating line of sight. As the two lines are not parallel the shooter will NOT hit what he is aiming at.

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In 1987, U.S. army veteran Myles Freeman Sr. founded Wiley X, with a focused determination to create the world’s best protective gear for the armed forces. With time, the company has grown and become one of the leading brands. We recognize that today's lifestyle poses constant threats to our eyes’ health, and that is why we have created some of the most innovative, functional and color enhancing sunglasses in the world. It is safe to say that safety is in our DNA, and we set the standard for what you deserve and can expect of your eyewear.

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