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Frequently Asked Questions

At Wiley X we want to offer the best possible service to our customers and help you in the best possible way.

That is why we have created this FAQ-page where we hope you can find the answer to your questions quickly.

You cannot find an answer to all questions, but we have selected some of the most frequent questions, our customers have contacted us about.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us by e-mail at:

Sales - Questions

Where can I find a dealer or optician close to me?
On the bottom of the page under Quick Links you will find our “Dealer Locator”. On this page you will find a map and a list, where you can find a Wiley X dealer or optician near you.

Are all Wiley X sunglasses ANSI Z87.1 or EN.166 approved, and what is the difference?

Yes! All Wiley X’s eyewear is tested to meet or surpass the safety standards ANSI Z87.1 and EN.166.
ANSI Z87.1 is the American high velocity impact safety and optical standard, and EN.166 is the European version. If you want to know more about our tests and certifications, you can find more information about them under our Tech-section here.

It says Z87-2 in my frame. Is this the item number?
No, this is the American safety standard. You can see your eyewear’s item number on our website under the given product.

What size fits me?
You can find the size of all our eyewear on our website under the individual eyewear. Here, you will find both the eyewear’s measurements and the recommended head size for the style.

Can Wiley X lenses be scratched?
Yes, they can! All Wiley X lenses are made of a material called Selenite™ polycarbonate. The material is extremely durable but also flexible, which it needs to be for it to pass the powerful ballistic and safety tests  that we put our eyewear through. When a material is a bit flexible, it can also be scratched. To minimize this, we have treated our lenses with a T-shell™ coating and an extra strong hard coating, which adds protection to the lenses’ surface. In the end, this adds to the life expectancy of the eyewear. To prevent the most scratches, see our recommendations regarding product care  here.

Can I pay with PayPal?
No, unfortunately this is not possible.

I have found a model on the US-webshop, but it is not here on the EU-webshop, where can I order it?
It is only possible for you to order the eyewear you find at (or our .de and .dk sites, depending on you location). There will be models and styles that the US-webshop have, which we do not, and vice versa, and it is unfortunately not possible to get the eyewear styles/models from the US.

Can I order new nose pads?
It is only a few models to which it is possible to order new nose pads/nose pieces. However, it is possible to for instance WX DETECTION, WX ROGUE, and SABER ADVANCED.  

Which models can be used for Airsoft / Hardball?
All our eyewear is EN.166 tested and can, therefore, be used for Airsoft / Hardball. Many choose to use models from our Changeable series, which you can find here. You can also find the most commonly used styles here.

How do I know what model my eyewear is?
Inside one of the temples you can find the name of your eyewear, for instance WX ALFA. If you cannot find it, you can write to with images, then we might be able to help you identify your model.

I would like to order a specific item, but the order will not go through / be accepted, what do I do?
NB, if it is an item you have found on, you have unfortunately landed on the American webshop. If you live in Europe, you need to purchase from either,, or

Prescription lenses – Questions

Can I get Wiley X eyewear with prescription lenses?
Yes, almost all our eyewear can be made with prescription lenses, either directly in the lenses, or using a prescription insert. Check out all our styles, which can be made with prescription lenses here. If you want Wiley X eyewear with prescription lenses, contact a Wiley X authorized optician near you, you can find the one closest to you with our “Dealer Locator”, which you can find here.

Can I return my prescription order?
Eyewear with prescription lenses can only be returned if the product is defect. Wiley X EMEA LLC strives to give a good customer service and we will do our best to help you. We also refer to our warranty section for more about our warranty policy on prescription lenses. You can find it her here.

Can I order lenses with prescription, without purchasing a frame?
We do not sell prescription lenses without a frame, not when purchasing extra lenses either, as we cannot vouch for our shatterproof guarantee if the lenses are not installed by us or by a Wiley X authorized 3rd party on our instruction.

Is the color of the prescription lenses the same as with the original style?
We strive to maintain the same lens color, as in the original style, but small deviations is, of course, unavoidable, since each prescription lens is individually tinted for each order.  

Delivery and Return – Questions

Which shipping company will my purchase be sent with?
All packages are sent with UPS, except deliveries in Denmark which are handled by GLS.

Can I track my order?
Yes. As soon as the package leaves our warehouse you will receive an e-mail, containing a track and trace number. With this, we and you can both track the movement of your package from our doorstep to yours. Please notice that the track and trace system can be delayed for up to 12 hours.
If shipping takes longer time than estimated for your country, which you can find here, please contact us by e-mail at:

What it my track and trace number?
With your tack and trace number you can track the movement of your package. You will find your track and trace number on the right side of your invoice.

Can you deliver to “X” country?
When you add an item to your basket, you can always type in your address and then the system will tell if we can deliver to your country. We deliver to quite a lot of countries in Europe. You can find a list of which countries and how long the shipping is for each country here. If you have any questions regarding shipping to a specific country, please write an e-mail to:

I would like to place an order, and have it delivered in a different country, how do I do that?
Unfortunately, this is not possible, as our system cannot ship to a different country than the one you are staying in.

How do I return an item?
You can find information on how you return an item in our terms and conditions. Please note that a return in cases of a warranty case differs from the return when utilizing the right to 14 days of withdrawal. You can read our terms and conditions here.

Has my order been shipped?
As soon as UPS/GLS has picked up your package from our warehouse, you will receive an e-mail from them. Otherwise, you can use the track and trace number from your invoice, and check how far your package is from you.

Can you send me a return label / Do you offer free return?
No we do not offer free return and can, therefore, not send you a return label.

I have returned an item, when do I get my money back?
You can expect that up to 5 working days can pass, from when we have received your package, before you can see the transfer in your account.

I have not received an order confirmation, what do I do?
Check if the e-mail might have ended up in your spam-filter. If not, please contact us by e-mail at and we will try to find a solution.

When can I expect my package to be delivered?
Shipping times may vary. Wiley X EMEA LLC only processes packages and get packages delivered during working days (Monday-Friday). See here for the estimated shipping time for your country.

Do I need to sign for my package at delivery?
Yes, a signature is required at delivery. If you are not able to sign for your package, you can either get someone else to sign at your address, or have the package delivered at an address where there will be someone who can sign for you. You can also see if the shipping company offers the opportunity to sign a power of attorney by which you allow the package to be delivered without a signature. Check what can be done with the shipping company.
If no agreement has been made, UPS/GLS will make three attempts to deliver your package. After three tries UPS/GLS will return your package to Wiley X EMEA LLC.

Economy – Questions

Will I be charged with a fee when paying with a debit card?
No, Wiley X EMEA LLC covers all fees regarding the use of debit cards as payment method on our webshop.

Is the order confirmation from the webshop the same as the invoice?
No. Your invoice will be sent along with your purchase. Your order confirmation only confirms that we have received your order.

Do I need to pay taxes for my items?
If you order from a country that is a member of the European Union, all taxes are already paid. If you order from a country outside the European Union’s trade system, you can be required to pay taxes.

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