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Elite Fishing Team


Filip and Stepka fought fierce battles, competing against some of the best anglers in the world. They chose to keep their tactics and fishing spots to themselves, which resulted in both a dramatic event and grande finale.

Spectators from all over the world were kept on edge until the final results were confirmed. Radek Filip and Martin Stepka came out victorious as the worthy winners of the 2019 world predator classic

"We became the World Predator Classic 2019 champions not only thanks to our determination, endurance, and fishing skills but also thanks to the products we are using. I've used Wiley X eyewear for several years already, so I was familiar with the product. I spotted the W.P.C. winning pike through my Wiley X polarized prescription lenses.  I have full confidence in the Wiley X glasses. I am thrilled we can extend the cooperation and be members of prestigious Wiley X Elite Fishing Team" - Radek Filip


The guys had a fierce battle each day jostling with the defending champions for the lead. With everything to fish for they came from behind and accumulated a consistent list of fish in all species Pike Zander and Perch. They kept their tactics very close to their chest as well as the fishing spots which made for a dramatic cliff hanger of an event and grand finale. Spectators from all over the world were kept on edge until the final results were confirmed. Enrico Di Ventura and Frank Bussmeyer came out on top and were very worthy and popular winners of the 2018 World Predator Classic.

"It's a great honor to be a part of the Wiley X team. Competing against some of the best anglers in Europe requires the best gear, boats, clothing, and polarized eyewear available. Wiley X's sunglasses always provide me with a huge advantage while being on the hunt for a big fish. I am happy to have the possibility to give something back and share my experiences with Wiley X. We are looking forward to many years of this new partnership” - Enrico Di Ventura

Lukáš Hollý, Spinning World Champion

The competition saw some of the best anglers in the world battling on the river Železnica in the discipline of spinning with artificial baits. I won my sector on the first day and then I had to fight very hard in the third and fourth round after we made some bad decisions for the conditions.”
The difference for Lukáš and his team, really came from Wiley X sunglasses, of which he is already a fan and avid user of about eight years.

He explained: “From my point of view, it was a very difficult cham-pionship especially because of the conditions and the water level, which changed drastically every day. So, every day I had to catch using other tactics and for this, Wiley X glasses were really perfect - mostly in finding different structures in the water, watching my lure’s movement and checking how fish reacted to my lure. Without these possibilities it would be much more difficult to win, but also thanks to Wiley X glasses – I did it.”

Lukáš took the overall crown as individual World Champion and the Slovakian team beat off Russia and Italy on the podium to take the team World Champion prize.

Hendry Vis and Gerald Vierhout – Predatortour winners

“We are very proud to join the Wiley X Elite Fishing team. All its members are very skilled anglers and have achieved many great results in different kind of fishing competitions. For example Luc Coppens and Jeremy Staverman, who won the World Predator Classic competition in 2015 and 2016, thanks to the help of Wiley X eyewear. We also know Wiley X from American anglers like Edwin Evers of the Bassmaster competition.

For predator fishing we do not only need polarized glasses but also the best quality lenses and colors. Good quality eyewear is the best investment we have made in the last few years. Fish are often found in or around structure, so when you have the best view into the water you can fish a lot more effectively.
Wiley X has a great line of polarized sunglasses, which will help us to find best fishing spots on the water in every condition.
Besides that we both have bad eyes and wear contact lenses, so we know that we have to look after our eyes. One hook or lead hitting the eye could damage it for the rest of your life! Wiley X glasses protect your eyes for very fast impacts of materials like hooks and fishing lead.”

Mattie Curfs and Hans Sissingh - World Carp Classic Winners

"Prior to the competition we gained a lot of knowledge of the venue which allowed us to be as prepared as we could. Teaming up with world renowned eyewear brand Wiley X has completed our preparations.

After finishing 2nd last year at the WCC 2014, we have been wearing polarized eyewear from Wiley X and they have improved our fishing, allowing us to catch more fish. This eyewear allows us to spot the fish better. We enjoy the many different Wiley X styles with different lens tints, which give us the comfort of knowing that no matter the conditions, we will always be able to find a tint for the current weather conditions. The models we have used so far have all provided us with a perfect fit which is ever so important when using them for hours after hours of fishing."

Peter Hornak - World Bank Fishing Champion

I live in the northern part of Slovakia beneath the beautiful Vysoke Tatry Mountains. This part of Slovakia is well known for its beautiful nature with clear streams full of brown trouts, and this has become my favorite style of fishing. It is also perfect training for my competitions, as most of the international championships are based on river trout fishing. It is very important for me to see as much as possible below the water when performing this kind of fishing. Big stones or water plants are always a perfect place to search for brown trouts, and if I can locate these spots in the rivers I am halfway through to my success. In this season I have had the possibility to wear WX Omega with Polarized Emerald Mirror Amber lens and a Kryptek® Neptune™ frame, and I cannot really imagine a better eyewear for my fishing trips.

This eyewear provides me with all the requirements that I need for my fishing: a sublime polarized filter, a perfect and comfortable fit, a cool look and protection of my sight. I wore them at the World Spinning Championship 2017 in Italy together with my team colleagues, in which the Slovakian Team gained bronze medals.

Member of Slovak national team since 2009

Individual awards:
2015 - Northern Ireland - 1st place (world championship)
2016 - Slovakia - 1st place (world championship)
2013 - Czech republic - 2nd place (world championship)
2015 - Slovakia + Czech republic - 1st place (Trout Union Cup  - European championship)

Team awards: (world championships)
2010 - Croatia - 1st place
2013 - Czech republic - 1st place
2014 - Bulgary - 1st place
2016 - Slovakia - 1st place
2012 - Poland - 2nd place
2015 - Northern ireland - 2nd place
2011 - Italy - 3rd place
2017 - Italy - 3rd place

Luc Coppens - Captain of the winning WPC team

“We are very proud to be a part of the Wiley X European Fishing Team! Along with the WPC 2014 we received the Wiley X model Zak polarized eyewear. We are very pleased with the quality of this high-end eyewear. When you wear these in dull light conditions it reduces the glare on bright surfaces while enhancing the dark parts, simply incredible!”

Jeremy Staverman - Vice captain of the winning WPC 2014 and 2015 team:
“Having a partner like Wiley X is like a dream comes true. Wearing the Wiley X model Zak already improved my fishing results. Fish following the lure but don’t strike are now easily spotted. Now I know, I’m in the right spot and can try a different approach. With my former standard polarized eyewear I would have left the spot thinking the fish weren’t there.”

Individual spinning World Champion Martin Forbak

“I was very pleased to be asked to join the Wiley X team. I have been wearing Wiley X glasses for several seasons and I´m absolutely satisfied with them. Before I began using the Wiley X glasses, I needed to wear many alternative glasses with many different colors of polarized lenses, but since I began using Wiley X , I don’t need to change models all the time, because the colors Wiley X uses is appropriate for various fishing conditions.

The great quality of the polarized filter and the Wiley X anti-fog system is totally necessary for my favorite trout spinning on clear waters. Thanks to it, I´m able to see the profile of the river bottom and fish reactions to my lure comfortably. Last but not least the Wiley X eyewear selection gives me the feeling of eye safety and protection. I´m looking forward to closer co-operation with Wiley X and I hope that we will make few refinements or new models together. ”

Lizette Beunders and Bianca Venema – Winners of the WCC

“Making a dream come true! We won the World Carp Classic at Lago di Bolsena in Italy. The winning prize included Wiley X fishing glasses – that was our first experience with these amazing sunglasses. Not only for fishing, but they are great for every outdoor occasion. They protect and relax our eyes during all outdoor activities. We thank Wiley X for these perfect glasses, no fishing session anymore for us, without the Wiley X sunglasses! We are proud for joining the Wiley X European fishing team”.

Stefan “Trumman” Trumstedt – World famous predator angler:

“Wiley X – The best polarized glasses you can get! As a pike fisherman I’m depending on my eyes and a clear view on and under the surface. Also I need to protect my eyes from heavy lures and hooks and that’s why I use polarized and protective eyewear from Wiley X. Simply perfect for my predator fishing”

Ardy Veltkamp – World famous Carp angler

For my fishing worldwide, I wear WX Knife with prescription lenses, which I wear every day especially when preparing my fishing rods and rigs! The sunglass style I am wearing most of the time is the WX Boss in a matte black frame – it gives me a clear view in depth while I am on the lake or river! Wiley X sunglasses not only make you look tough but are also the best polarized glasses available. 😎 For my eyes only Wiley X.

Luca Quintavalla – Professional angler states:

“Wiley X eyewear has an incredible facial cavity system, which is a great advantage for people like me using contact lenses. I’m wearing my Wiley Xs all day for sports fishing including high
speed boat rides.The sunglasses have very high quality and resistant lenses, which protect my eyes from sun rays and during fishing with artificial bait and slamming the fish under the boat.
The up to date and technical design of Wiley X eyewear add to the pleasure of wearing them”

Frank Warwick – World famous Carp angler:

“Allmost lost an eye when fishing some years back. Therefore I will only wear protective eyewear. When using and comparing Wiley X polarized glasses with other leading brands I found out that Wiley X glasses gave me another 15 feet on and into the water looking for the fish. That said enough for me.
Remember – you only got one set of eyes”

Rob Tough

I have been immersed in my favourite hobby of catching Carp for so many years that It is a part of me now, it almosts defines me. My association with Wiley-X feels that way too. It also fits like a glove, and long will I continue in my love of Carp and my love for the Wiley-X brand.

In my pursuit of Carp and whilst fishing  for them for relaxation and pleasure, I fish competitively also, travelling to many European venues and in doing so broadening my horizons .

With my Wiley-X glasses my eyes are opened to a whole new world, my Wiley-X Boss Shades providing a  window of unrivalled clarity to those wonderful horizons.

Henrik Kassow

With more than 30 years' experience in fly fishing and guiding fly fishermen all around the world for both salmon and trout, Henrik has tested and worn almost all premium polarized eyewear available on the market. Years back Henrik decided to wear Wiley X because of the clarity of the lens as well as the performance of the polarized filter. At that time he did not pay too much attention to the fact that Wiley X is the only premium eyewear brand in the world who certifies all its styles as protective eyewear.

Little did he know years later a pair of Wiley X polarized eyewear would safe his right eye. As Henrik explains:
"I arrived at a local forest with the large wood chipper that I just hired, and I realized that I forgot my safety glasses. These fierce machines display multiple large warnings underlining the importance of wearing eye- and ear protection when using. Searching both my car and summer cottage for safety glasses, I suddenly smiled when my old Wiley X model P-17 fishing came to the surface. Halfway through my pile of wood I was challenged with a three meter-long Elm tree hardwood log, approximately 20 cm in diameter, very knobby and bent. I slid it into the machine with the engine running and all was good. I let go of the log with two meters left (which was a bad mistake) turning to pick up a new log.

The next thing I remember was my glasses being slammed into my head with the lens in full contact with my eyeball, and a gigantic punch to my head. I realized that my Wiley X-P17 did not survive the blow from the log, but I endured this accident with only a big black eye, dents, bruises and a broken nose. I feel so lucky that my eyesight was spared, thanks to my Wiley X eyewear - because just thinking how lesser quality safety glasses would have injured my face and eyes gives me goosebumps.

At the hospital - the doctor that inspected my wounds stated that the eyewear I was wearing saved my right eye."

About Wiley X

In 1987, U.S. army veteran Myles Freeman Sr. founded Wiley X, with a focused determination to create the world’s best protective gear for the armed forces. With time, the company has grown and become one of the leading brands. We recognize that today's lifestyle poses constant threats to our eyes’ health, and that is why we have created some of the most innovative, functional and color enhancing sunglasses in the world. It is safe to say that safety is in our DNA, and we set the standard for what you deserve and can expect of your eyewear.

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