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Click A.I.R Gasket

With the Click A.I.R. gasket technology, Wiley X offers new possibilities and advantages. Like our regular foam gaskets, the CLICK A.I.R. gasket is designed to protect the eyes from irritants like dust and wind, by creating an effective foam barrier. However, with this design’s enhancements, the barrier can be unsealed to allow airflow. By a click of a button, the CLICK A.I.R. gasket (A.I.R. = Air Intake Regulation) is opened, allowing air to flow through the gasket and effectively venting the glasses and eliminating any fogging issues. Click open the ventilation or close for an airtight seal – the choice is yours. Find the CLICK A.I.R. gasket on all our WX OZONE styles.

Facial Cavity™ Seal

Fine dust and pollen, as well as wind, can cause long-term eye irritation, such as Dry Eye Syndrome. Peripheral light can also diminish optical clarity. Wiley X removable soft foam FACIAL CAVITY™ SEALS block out even the finest irritants and peripheral light, protecting the eyes and allowing polarized lenses to perform at peak levels.

Available in all styles in the Climate Control Series.

Floating Facial Cavity™ Seal

Comfortable, removable, and durable FLOATING FACIAL CAVITY™ SEALS easily clip into Wiley X's innovative Climate Control series eye-wear. This unique performance technology prevents your glasses from sinking as well as shields your eyes from harmful and dis-turbing outside elements like wind, peripheral light, dust, and debris.

The increased weight of prescription lenses can affect the buoyancy properties of the Floating Gasket.
We strongly recommend that you test your WX prescription eyewear, mounted with the Floating Gasket, in a safe environment, before taking it to the great outdoors.

Available in selected styles in the Climate Control Series.
About Wiley X

In 1987, U.S. army veteran Myles Freeman Sr. founded Wiley X, with a focused determination to create the world’s best protective gear for the armed forces. With time, the company has grown and become one of the leading brands. We recognize that today's lifestyle poses constant threats to our eyes’ health, and that is why we have created some of the most innovative, functional and color enhancing sunglasses in the world. It is safe to say that safety is in our DNA, and we set the standard for what you deserve and can expect of your eyewear.

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