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Product Care

What’s the best way to care for and clean my wx eyewear?

Most importantly never lay your wx eyewear with the lenses facing down, as this will cause scratches.

When not in use it’s best to store your wx eyewear in your provided wx storage case.

Alcohol based products, deet, perspiration, sunscreen, hand sanitizer products and hairspray can damage lens coatings and cause them to spot, craze and/or peel if not cleaned in a short period of time. Salt water can be especially damaging. Do not leave saline residue spots on the eyewear for too long as salt water is corrosive and will dry into white residue. This residue could erode some of the surface coatings on the lenses.

If it is not possible to clean the glasses right away, be sure that they are rinsed off immediately and then thoroughly clean both lenses and frame as soon as possible. Do not use ammonia, bleach, vinegar or window cleaner as those chemicals may strip away the coatings on your glasses. We suggest using lukewarm water.

Although tempting, do not clean your lenses with a tissue or the corner of your shirt. You shirt is likely filled with dust particles that can scratch the lenses. We suggest using your provided wx microfiber cloth or a soft cotton cloth. Wiping dry lenses may eventually cause scratches. We suggest to always run lenses under water before wiping. If water is not available, then lightly blow on lenses to remove any fine particles prior to wiping.

Extreme heat

Do not leave your wx eyewear on the dashboard of your car, if in direct sunlight.

Extreme high temperatures can damage the lenses.

What’s the best way to clean facial cavity™ seal?

Do not use any chemicals on your facial cavity™ seal as this will cause foam to eventually disintegrate. We suggest a gentle rinse of warm water and mild dish or hand soap.

To prolong the life do not rub the foam dry. We suggest cleaning your facial cavity™ seal when you have time to let naturally air dry.

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