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Shipping & Returns

1. Wiley X EMEA LLC freight information

Due to the severe situation and associated circumstances of the current war in Ukraine, Wiley X EMEA LLC has temporarily suspended all deliveries of any products or goods to the below mentioned countries:

The Russian Federation

Wiley X EMEA LLC is complying with the current sanctions and decisions made by the European Union, regarding restrictive measures.

Additionally, Wiley X EMEA LLC is in a continuous dialog with different, official, Danish channels and NGOs to ensure our aid, in the best possible way.

2. Delivery

At Wiley X EMEA LLC, customer service is a focal point. That is why, we attempt to ship all online orders within 24 hours*, after having received the order in our online ordering system.

Your order will usually be shipped the following day after we have received the order. We ship with UPS, except in Denmark where we ship with GLS. The estimated shipping time for each country is as follows:  

1 to 3 dage for: Denmark, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey

3 to 4 dage for: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Vatican City

4 to 5 dage for: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ireland, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain

5 to 6 dage for: Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia

7 to 8 dage for: Andorra, Faroe Islands, Greenland, San Marino

In case your preferred country is not listed above, you can get the estimated shipping time, by contacting us by e-mail at:

The estimated shipping times indicated above are issued by the shipping companies that Wiley X EMEA LLC are currently using. Wiley X EMEA LLC cannot be held liable for any delays that the shipping may or could be exposed to.

*Wiley X only process orders within normal business hours. That is why the order will not be processed during weekends and holidays.

2.2. Track & Trace
All orders are sent as packages. A track and trace number from UPS (or GLS if shipped to an address in Denmark) will be sent via e-mail as soon as the package is picked up from the WXE warehouse. Be aware that 12 hours can pass before the track and trace number is activated by the shipping company.

2.2. Damaged when delivered  
If the goods have been damaged during transit, immediately contact the shipping company, and report the damage.

2.3. Transport insurance
All shipping fees are included transport insurance in accordance with the shipping companies’ insurance rules.

2.4. Shipping costs
Shipping costs are calculated according to the number of goods, their weight, as well as a handling fee.

3. Right of complaint and Returns

The Sale of Goods Directive’s rules regarding defects apply when purchasing goods.

3.1. Claim procedure
When you, as a consumer, purchase from, you are, of course, given 24 months right of return, if you experience any defects with the purchased goods. This means that you, as a rule, can get the purchased item(s) repaired or replaced, get a refund, or get a reduction in price, depending on the individual situation. However, the claim procedure/the right of return may be limited by the goods’ natural durability.        

Of course, it is a requirement that the claim is based on a justified reason and that the defect is not the result of wrongful use of the item or any other damage-causing behavior. This means that if the item’s defect is the result of the customer’s reckless handling, modification of the item, cleaning with an unapproved optical solution or hot water, or misuse, the right of return will not cover.
You need to file your claim within “reasonable time” after you have detected the item’s defect. If you file your claim within 2 months of detecting the defect, the claim will always have been made in time.

If the claim is justified, the item needs to be returned to Wiley X EMEA LLC in proper packaging.

NB: Photochromic lenses
When buying photochromic lenses, the right of return is 18 months when storage correctly. However, the right of return can be limited by the goods’ natural durability. Correct storage means that the eyewear with photochromic lenses must be stored in a case and not be subjected to UV-rays, when not in use.

3.2. Refusal
Goods returned as cash on delivery or with unpaid postage will not be accepted. Please ensure that the goods are packed securely to prevent any damage during shipping. Damages as the result of insufficient packaging is the customer’s responsibility.

3.3. Returns
If you wish to exercise your 14 days (EU-determined) right of withdrawal, you need to give us notice hereof within 14 days after you have received your item. To learn more about your 14 days rights of withdrawal click here. This you will do by sending us an e-mail to You cannot utilize your right to a withdrawal by simply denying to receive the item, without letting us know, about it. When you have sent us an e-mail, letting us know that you want to exercise your right to a withdrawal, please return the item to us. Remember to add a proof of purchase to the package, either the order confirmation or invoice, on which your order number appears. Be aware that you as the buyer must cover all costs revolving the return, in case of returns regarding the utilization of the right to a withdrawal.  

If you wish to file a claim about an item, it must be done through, where you need to fill in our online warranty form, where the item’s defect(s) and pictures there of must be described in as much detail as possible. You can find our online warranty form here.

Notice! We do not accept goods COD (cash on delivery) or the like.

All goods, which you return to Wiley X EMEA LLC must be unused, complete, and in the same conditions, as when you received it, and in the original packaging.
3.4. Proof of purchase
You need to enclose a proof of purchase either in the form of your order confirmation or your invoice, if you wish to return your item to Wiley X EMEA LLC, as returned goods cannot be handled without proof of purchase. We will await the processing of your return until we receive your proof of purchase.

3.6. Return shipment to Wiley X EMEA LLC
We recommend sending the goods/package through a shipping company, who uses a track and trace system. This is to ensure you that the given package is delivered to our headquarters.

The package must be sent to:
Søndergade 8-10
7470 Vemb

Mark the package with "RETURN" and the tracking number that is evident on your invoice. REMEMBER to attach a copy of your purchase invoice, as proof of identity on the returned items purchased from Wiley X EMEA.

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