Lisbon - Portugal

All guns from Specna Arma 

Fields in Lisbon, where I can play with my team.


Guns and the military doctrine have always interested me, even from a young age. So, I guess it is no wonder that I like a sport like airsoft so much. I grew up in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil with my parents and five brothers. I don’t come from much, but my parents always did everything they could to give me good education and a happy childhood, which in the end made me the man I am today. When I turned 18, I was called to serve in the Brazilian army, but, at this time, I was planning my move to Portugal. So, after serving for 3 months, I packed up and moved to Lisbon, where I have been since.

For the last 13 years, I have been the manager of a vehicle maintenance workshop, and I really like my job, but my great passion is airsoft. It all started at a paintball match in 2012, where I tried some airsoft gear, and I fell in love with the sport. Airsoft is a military simulation sport, where teams take part in simulated combat with authentic military weapons and tactics. There are different sorts of modalities to the sport, but I prefer Milsim because it resembles the reality of the military environment that I identify with. But airsoft is so much more than the sport itself. It is the amazing camaraderie, and it is a sport of honor. If you are not going to respect the others and play with honor, well then do not play.

I use my YouTube channel to advise new players how to get started and what equipment they need. It can be a quite expensive sport, so I like to help new players get started, without having to spend all their money. When I started, I felt a bit lost because I didn’t know anyone in the airsoft community. So, I want my social media platforms to be a good guiding place. Airsoft is my great passion, and besides spending time with my family, friends, and my airsoft enthusiastic 7-year-old daughter, playing airsoft and making content for YouTube and Instagram takes all my time – and I absolutely love it!    

Why Wiley X?

To me, the superior protection of the Wiley X eyewear, is what makes them unique, and my all-time first choice. I found the WX brand myself, when searching on YouTube for preferred eyewear brands for airsoft, and after hearing several testimonies from other airsofters, I knew that Wiley X was the right eyewear brand for me! The test they do on their eyewear to ensure top of the line protection, is amazing – it gives enormous security to me, because I know that my eyewear is tested to the highest standards

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