Manchester, England 

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At 3-years-old I began fishing with my family, and I haven’t stopped since!
Born and bred in a rough part of Manchester, my parents took me and my sisters camping every weekend by the coast to keep us out of trouble. Fishing became our escape, and I have no doubt fishing saved my life. Later, I started writing for fishing magazines and, eventually, I became known for fishing pike, which got me invited to film with Sky Sports and Fishing TV. Today, I am a content media creator at JD Sports. Basically, I get to travel, go fishing, test product and gather content. I can live of my passion, and though I have tried non-fishing jobs, I am back to wear it all began – me and a fishing rod.

But my other great passion is rock music! When going fishing, my dad would crank up the music in the car, and my passion for rock music was born. Through time I have helped at concerts, and I have met amazing friends in the industry. Rock music has become a part of my image, making me stand a bit out in the fishing environment, but it is who I am. I am a rock music loving Mancunian, and I am proud of it.

My dreams for the future, includes, for sure, many more concerts, maybe even going out as a roadie? I would also love to keep fishing and filming. I like being in front of the camera! Otherwise, I want to give my sons what I got from my parents. I still live in the same part of Manchester, and like my parents I want to take my sons out of the city and go camping and fishing – My 2-year-old is already great with a fishing rod. Being in nature, whether fishing or walking, is amazing, and I want to show my sons that.

Why Wiley X?

I came by Wiley X randomly at an exhibition. I tried on a pair, and they were cool! But when I saw some of the pro fisherman, like Luc Coppens, wearing Wiley X, I really understood how awesome Wiley X’ eyewear is. I got some models, and when I first wore them out fishing, I was amazed. The polarized lenses are magnificent. They enhance colors, removes the surface glare, and increases my depth perception, ensuring that I can see the fish under water. I love them and cannot fish without them; it’s like missing an arm. That is why, I always pack them, when going fishing.

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