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Growing up in a loving family in the Midlands, shooting and firearms always fascinated me, and when I shot my first air gun, I was hooked. I was quite young, and my parents weren’t so excited about the idea at first, but when I was 10, they let me have my first air rifle – It was my most prized possession. I later went on to study construction, but my passion for firearms continued. So, in 2010 I created Racknload on YouTube and started uploading videos of me shooting. I wanted to give ‘the working man’s review’. People really liked it, and I have steadily climbed to 50,000 subscribers!

I’m extremely passionate about my job and my YouTube channel. The subscribers and the positive feedback drive me to do bigger and better. I really strive to make Racknload the channel that shooting sports enthusiast look to for humor and entertainment, of course, but also honest information, so they can make the right decision before spending their hard-earned money.

I am also a big family man; My wife and children are my greatest passion. A lot of my spare time is spent with them, but when not, I really enjoy making and editing videos for Racknload. Racknload is like a baby to me, I really have to nurture it. Luckily, it is my passion, and I truly love to see how it evolves, and how much my viewers like what I do. Otherwise, I have a lot on my plate. I love shooting sports, mainly target shooting, gaming, cycling, I hunt, and I love keeping fit. However, I am also a scout leader and a part-time Police officer. A lot of things going on, but family time is the best time for me.

Why Wiley X?

Wiley X eyewear not only looks great, but it also gives a protection that is second to none. I know that when I wear Wiley X, I can trust that I am protected! The brand is so cool. I have seen the tests they do on the lenses, and it is the best I have ever seen, and the fact that they cater for shooters and military is really awesome. It assures me that their ballistic protection is first class. I have faith in the brand, and I know that whether I am target shooting or doing my police duties, my sight will be protected in the best possible way! 

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